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Is the MATTimekeeping System Suitable for Your Shop?


If our assumptions about your business are correct, we at MATTimekeeping can radically improve the efficiency and performance of your company. Our software can help make your company more productive, more responsive to your customers, and easier to manage -- without changing the way you run your shop.

At MATTimekeeping, our business is information, and our creed is low cost information. We squeeze the maximum from as little data input as possible. Our software package, the MATTimekeeping System for Windows, is designed for small job shop manufacturers. It is not a stripped-down version of a program designed for large corporations. Instead, we take a bottom-up approach: We know you don't have time to feed a computer lots of data -- you are overworked already. Our goal is to organize and use the data you already have to see what is happening in your shop, and to use that information to insure that your business is consistently efficient and profitable.

If you look at any compilation of shop floor control systems, you will see that we have dozens of competitors. We think our system is ideal for the small shop, not because we do more, but because we do less!

Our "less is more" philosophy is based on the fact that every bit of information has a cost, measured not just in computers and software but in time spent inputting data. Some data input pays for itself right away -- for example, a customer name and address, entered once, never needs to be typed again. Some information never pays -- for example, the details of how you made a $2 part in lots of 100 every quarter for the same customer for the past three years. The MATTimekeeping System for Windows is designed with the cost of information in mind. We know that some information is virtually free, some costs a little but is essential, and some is a waste of time and money. We focus on the stuff that is cheap but valuable.

There are two main elements to our approach:

(Yes, you can still use written time cards, if you insist, but shop floor data entry is more accurate, more timely, and less effort. True, a certain level of shop floor discipline is required. But the benefits are huge.)

You can enter more data into the MATTimekeeping System, including labor estimates, bills of materials, split delivery dates, control dates, outside vendors, shop floor instructions, and so on. But none of these is required to use the system. You don't have to do what you don't have time or manpower to do.

And what do you get back? Labor costing of every job that goes through your shop.Location and progress of every job on the shop floor. Work center loading. Payroll/attendance information. Job histories. Profit and loss reporting. Delivery schedules. Dollar backlog. Work center utilization. Work in process reporting... and lots more.

What does this mean? It means that when a customer calls and politely says "where in hell is my job" you can check the computer and tell him -- honestly or not, your option -- just where the job is on the shop floor, and how close to completion. It means you can find in a moment all the jobs that are losing money, and those that are so overpriced that you might just lose the next bid. It means information, powerful but cheap information, about your shop. So much information that it will feel like the old days, when your shop was so small that you knew all the details in your head.