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Service and Support Policies


Who are we: MATTimekeeping Systems, manufacturer
of shop floor control software for small job shops,
founded in 1989.

What we sell: EasiEST for Windows, an estimating and quoting
program for the metalworking industry;

The MATTimekeeping System for Windows.

How we sell: Downloads and mail-order only. We have no salesmen. Products may be returned within 30-60 days for a full refund, less service and re-stocking charges. We can ship you the entire software package with a limited-use license, or you can download the package. Try out the real thing. If you return it, the charges are small. On-site installation is available for the MATTimekeeping System for Windows.

Service and support: All products include free service and support for 60 days. Service, support and upgrade contracts are available.

Required equipment: Windows-based computer or network . Shop-floor data collection requires separate network terminal(s) on the shop floor. Optional bar-code input is available. An ink-jet or laser (preferred!) printer is essential. In-house accounting program with order-entry module and ASCII export module required for automatic data transfer.

Networking: Multi-user software compatible with most networks.

What we don't do: Accounting. Payroll. Inventory. Purchasing. We make all of these functions easier, but they are not part of our software.