matt logo Shop Floor Management: The MATTimekeeping System for Windows


The MATTimekeeping System is a data base job costing system that uses real time entries directly from the shop floor and correlates this information into a series of management reports. The method of gathering information, the ability to establish individual operations and costing factors and the variety of reports make this system unique to the manufacturing industry.

The MATTimekeeping System consists of a personal computer (in the office) and one or more terminals (in the shop). Every time an employee ends one task or starts another, he or she "punches in" at one of the terminals. The keyed information includes the employee number, task (or work center) number, and the contract (or job) number. Number of pieces can also be entered. The terminal software keeps track of the time and date automatically, and also checks the entries. Nonexistent employee, task and job numbers are not allowed. For extra security, entries can also be made using a bar code reader. The shop terminals can also be used to record shipping information.

The use of on-site terminals to record time cards completely eliminates paper records in the shop. This prevents both "fudged" and "smudged" entries, and eliminates the need for data entry in the office. The use of standard network work stations for data input insures high reliability, low cost, and uniform compatibility with other software.

The information collected from the shop floor may be analyzed in dozens of different ways. MATT reports include a daily labor summary, a detailed job status and cost report, a daily and monthly work center utilization summary, work in process reports, several scheduling reports, and online expediting information. In addition, the system includes dollar volume backlog reporting (which uses the shipping data), labor cost estimating (the EasiEST program), and job history profit and loss accounting. The information needed to manage your shop is always at your fingertips.

The MATTimekeeping System includes an import program that connects to virtually any accounting program. Order-entry information from the accounting program, such as purchase order number, customer name, part number, part description, quantity ordered, price, order date, and due date can be imported automatically. This eliminates duplicate keyboard entry, and insures that very little data entry by front-office personnel is needed to run the program.

The MATTimekeeping System is so easy to use that you will be up and running in a few days. Low in initial cost, low in operating cost, low in maintenance, the MATTimekeeping System has a track record of ten-plus years, and is unsurpassed in cost-effectiveness. Designed for small-to-medium sized shops, the system has an enviable record of customer satisfaction.