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NOTE: EasiEST for Windows was originally designed for use by precision sheet metal fabricators. However, it is useful for virtually any kind of estimating and quoting application. There are two aspects to estimating, labor and materials. Labor estimating is largely a matter of selecting predefined tasks (also known as work centers or operations) from a list and entering setup and run times for each task. Materials estimating is less universal. EasiEST has three built-in types of materials estimating: (a) selection from a bill of materials (nuts, bolts, screws, and so on); (b) selection of flat sheets from which rectangular parts will be cut; and (c) selection of linear lengths (rods, rectangles, pipes, tubes, etc.) from which parts will be cut. EasiEST includes all three type of materials estimating. For type (c) materials, the "Shape Data" option is required; for type (b), the "Materials Property Editor" is required unless you are using the standard tables of sheet metal blanks that are supplied with the program.

It is impossible to tell you about every feature in EasiEST: There's simply too much to tell. There's only one way to find out if it is true that -- as many of our customers tell us -- EasiEST is far and away the best estimating and quoting software on the market today: DOWNLOAD IT!

Let's face it: Software is complicated. The only way to see if a software package meets your needs is to test it. But testing takes time, and usually you have to purchase software just to test it. This can be expensive, time consuming, and frustrating.

At MATTimekeeping, we have a two-part solution to your problem. First, we've priced our software at a fraction of the competition's price. Make no mistake about it: Programs like this usually sell for $1000 or more! Our goal is to sell a copy of EasiEST to every metal fabricator in the country, so we are making it available at an exceptionally low price. Second, we are offering a sixty-day free trial: If you can do your job without EasiEST, there's no charge, and the program will no longer run. We don't require prepayment: We accept purchase orders (from rated companies) and credit cards. In short, we believe EasiEST represents exceptional value that you, as an estimator, will not want to pass up.

EasiEST for Windows has dozens of advanced features. You can design your own quotation form. You can create a data base with the names and addresses of your customers. You can create a list of your shop floor work centers, with a different labor rate for each operation. You can select from a variety of blank sizes and materials, gauges and thicknesses, as well as pipes, tubes, rounds, etc. You can enter estimated run times in a variety of ways, including pieces per minute, minutes per piece, hits per minute, dollars per hit, pieces per hour, and so on. Regardless of how you like to estimate, the program adapts to your way of estimating. You can enter and print a bill of materials, a shop floor routing, or a formal quotation. You can insert outside vendor costs and minimum vendor charges. You can choose any profit markup, and you can even match a competitor's price and check your profit margin. You can merge estimates from subassemblies, and trace the quoted price back to the individual parts. And of course the program has pull-down menus, point-and-click selections, online help screens, and other features found only in the most advanced software on the market. EasiEST for Windows takes full advantage of Microsoft Windows®, the most powerful and cost-effective operating system available today on personal computers.

To test drive EasiEST for Windows, call or write us today, or download a trial version of the program. You won't be disappointed: We guarantee it!